Mela Carnival

Date 17 August 2024
TIME 12:30pm
Place Belfast City Centre
The city centre will be awash with a kaleidoscope of colour and creativity as Mela Carnival returns to the streets.
All the fun of the carnival! Bringing together hundreds of participants and artists from across the city and beyond our spectacular carnival parade will fill the streets with vibrant global costumes, pulsating world music and dance and amazing processional sculpture. Round off the afternoon in the Mela Global Village at City Hall grounds with food, music, dance and breathtaking aerial performances.

Take Part

Help us bring Mela Carnival to life and work with our creative team to produce a wonderful world of music, dance and art.

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Creative Collaborators

Our carnival parade is created with artists, communities and creative organisations right across the island of Ireland to produce an inclusive celebration for all to enjoy

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