Yoga Nidra and Mantra Meditation

Join Aileen in Ananda Yoga & Wellness Studio for a beautiful combination of Yoga Nidra and chanting/mantra meditation.

Yoga Nidra literally means ‘yogic sleep’.  It is an ancient technique, where the practitioner enters the deep state of conscious relaxation.  It is a systematic practice of moving awareness from our external world to the inner world.

Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone. It holds immense benefits for all those who struggle to let go, those who suffer from lack of sleep, trauma, burn-out, and anxiety.

It brings us to a state of deep relaxation, where we can become free from the concepts of time, space, and reason. When this happens, brain activity reduces and the body goes into the healing state. Therefore, it is also said that one hour of yoga Nidra can give the same benefit as a four-hour sleep.  As the body enters a healing state, there is an opportunity to clear up the toxins at a cellular level, refresh the mind, and remove baggage from the subconscious.

Date and time

Wednesday 23rd August 7pm


Anada Yoga & Wellness Studio

Ticket Price(s)

General - £7


Contact us if you have any access questions.