How it works

Get ready to come together to share in music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation for an unforgettable experience of unity, diversity and inclusion.

Colour Arena

Situated on the Great Lawn in Botanic Gardens step inside our colour arena to throw your colours with thousands of other festival go-oers. In order to keep the park clean and tidy colours are only permitted to be thrown inside the arena. As part of the entry ticket you will receive two free bags of colour which will be distributed on entry to the arena. Further bags can be purchased from the colour re-fill station in the park while stocks last.

Colour Countdowns

Every hour there will be massive colour throws where festival go-oers will be invited to come together and countdown with our host to create a spectacular fusion of vivid colour combinations in the park. We advise you keep enough colour for the throws throughout the day!

Colour Powder

Our powder is made of rice flour, which has been optimized with natural ingredients for use outdoors. It completely biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic and allergy-free. The powder can be easily washed out of your clothes and skin due to it being water soluble.

Colour Stations

Situated on entry to the colour arena will be our colour stations where you can purchase more colour bundles to keep the party going throughout the day. Prices and offers on the colour bundles will be released closer to the event. Colours can only be purchased on the day and not in advance.

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