Mela Colours


To make sure you have the best possible Mela Colours experience we have compiled a few handy hints and tips to assist you.

Can I bring my camera, cellphone, watch and other electronic devices?

You will want to capture all the amazing moments during the festival, but please bear in mind that expensive electronics, like cameras and mobile phones, may get damaged by the powder. It is advisable to keep these protected in a bag, plastic cover or sleeve.

What should I wear to the festival?

You will not leave the festival looking the same as you arrived. Festival goers should wear white and leave colourful! Comfortable shoes/sandals and clothes you don’t mind getting full of colourful powder are recommended. Safety goggles/glasses can also be worn to protect the eyes, especially for people who wear contact lenses.

How do I know when to throw my powder?

A countdown takes place every hour on the hour when people can release and throw their powder. Colour can be thrown at anytime during the event in the colour arena only.

If I pre-purchase my tickets, where do I get my powder from?

If you buy a general admission ticket, you’ll be able to collect your powder on entry to the colour arena. Colour tokens will be issued on entry to the park which can be exchanged for your colour bundle..

Is the colour powder safe?

Yes, the powder is completely non-toxic, water soluble and environmentally friendly.

Can I get more powder during the event?

The powder will be available to purchase on the day from colour stations at the event. One bag of colour costs £1. The colours will be available while stocks last on the day.

Can I bring my own colour powder?

No, because we have imported only certified 100% natural colour powder and only this substance may be allowed at the venue. Any other powder would be unsuitable and will be confiscated.

Is there an age restriction for festival?

There is no age restriction on attendance however under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Is there alcohol at the event?

Mela Colours is a strict alcohol-free zone to maintain our family friendly ethos. If you are found with alcohol it will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave without refund.

Will there be tickets on sale on the day of the event at the venue?

Yes, but only a limited number if the festival is not sold out. These can be purchased at the gates to the park. Keep an eye on our website or socials for ticket updates.

What happens if its raining?

The event will go ahead come rain or shine, unless the weather conditions are deemed unsafe. If the event is cancelled, a full refund will be issued.

I am pregnant. Can I take part?

If you are pregnant it is not advised that you take part in the colour throwing. However, there are plenty of other activities at the event to enjoy.

I suffer from asthma / breathing difficulities. Can I take part?

We do not recommend you take part in the colour throwing if you suffer from any type of respiratory condition.