Mela at home


Help us create a shared future in Northern Ireland where all cultures and communities are respected, welcomed and diversity is celebrated.

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Why should I donate?

Mela at Home has been brought to you totally free of charge by award winning cultural organisation ArtsEkta. In order to support the future delivery of the festival your donation will be used to help us deliver the 2021 edition which we very much hope will be a live event at Botanic Gardens

ArtsEkta’s vision is an inclusive society that respects different cultures and communities in Northern Ireland. And we achieve this by delivering an innovative mix of arts and heritage led programmes to encourage intercultural understanding at the heart of the community. 

By donating you will help us… 

  • Transform people and places through shared creative experiences that celebrate our cultural diversity
  • Create access to arts and culture for everyone across Northern Ireland   
  • Support the employment and professional development of artists from local communities